Tuesday, September 16, 2008

"Feminists and duck hunters for Palin

...they ought to be."
What this is really all about is that she is the first everyday American in a generation, the first person who is not an Ivy League attorney, not a career Washington insider, not vetted by the Brookings Institution and the Council on Foreign Relations and the CIA and Ellen Goodman, a person who works her husband’s fishing boat and drives her own car to work and buys her own groceries, to be given a shot at leading this nation.

And that appears to have a certain element of the political power structure terrified.

Why do you suppose that is?

Jeff also takes note of the push in some places for 'lead-free' ammo. I agree that while there're some people truly concerned about lead, the bulk of this is a way of making shooting as expensive and difficult as possible:
...With gun control on the ropes in the judicial arena following this year’s Supreme Court ruling on the 2nd Amendment, some gun control groups are looking for ways to make acquiring ammunition more difficult. Ammunition, they argue, is not protected by the 2nd Amendment. Copper is the main lead alternative in rifle bullets right now, and copper costs a whole lot more than lead. Hunters used to paying $15 for a box of 20 cartridges with lead bullets will easily pay two or three times that amount for copper equivalents.

The non-toxic push could also, in theory, make possession of lead ammunition illegal
Especially if Obama/Biden make it into the White House, not a doubt in my mind they'll push this.

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