Monday, September 15, 2008

Apparently, carrying a half-dozen rolls of insulation

around, then up the stairs and into the attic and unrolling & adjusting it isn't friendly to an elbow that was getting a bit better. Who knew?


Yeah, I SHOULD have known better. Problem is, who else is gonna do it? So I'll be taking it very easy on it the next while.

Cruised over to Uncle and found this:
The Brady Campaign can’t win when the truth is told. So, they lie:

Among other things, it would allow people to carry loaded assault weapons on city streets. Teenagers and children would be allowed to carry assault and sniper rifles, as the bill repeals all age restrictions on the possession of long guns.


Update: From Kaveman: Go to the BC homepage and click the “capitol under fire” image and look at the top of page #5:

Under H.R. 6691, it would even be legal for some terrorists to carry .50 caliber sniper rifles and military-style assault rifles.

The level of dishonesty these people show is just amazing.

Lots of other stuff there, AND a site redesign. Go take a look.

And now, I must go do something constructive. While using my left arm as little as possible. Fun is expected.

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Anonymous said...

I bet I could make you forget all about that elbow............perhaps tell you a funny story or something. ;)