Sunday, August 17, 2008

Weaned off Wal-Mart

Since Wal-Mart decided to kiss the ass of in attempt to buy favor'cooperate' with Nanny Bloomberg and his gun-ban group, I decided- especially after that form-letter response*- to stop shopping there; preferably entirely. So far, so good.

I'll say what a number of people have pointed out: what Wal-Mart has over about everyone else in this area is convenience; groceries, oil & filter, clothes, garden stuff, some ammo & sporting goods all in one place. And on occasion I miss it. However, it's not missing the products, just them being in one place. Groceries are no problem, happily; Oklahoma City has all kinds of markets, from chain to mom & pop stores to ethnic markets(if you haven't been here, you might not believe how many of those). Need something for curry or whatever, or just Basmati rice at a good price? There's Indian markets, one no more than 5-10 minutes from here depending on traffic, for example. Pretty much anything I've needed, can get somewhere else at the same, sometimes a bit better, price. Auto parts places are all over, and if they don't have something you need they can get it in, often the same day from the warehouse. Clothes I don't have to shop for often, but lots of places for them, too. Ammo? Shops around town, gun shows and places like AIM.

I doubt very much anyone from Wally World will read this, but if you do: I'd been a customer for a bunch of years, spending(I'm guessing) somewhere between $150-300 a month at your stores. And you've lost that. You've made it plain you don't care what I think about your attempt to get into New York by screwing your customers; well, I don't put that money in your pocket anymore, and a lot of other people don't, either. Hope the taste of Bloomberg's butt makes up for it.

*Two things about that letter: One was the insulting 'we don't think our law-abiding customers will mind' garbage. The other, didn't it strike you as being like the clowns who say "If you don't have anything to hide, you won't mind the police searching your home/car/self?"


Country Boy said...

I stopped shopping at WalMart about two years ago. I haven't missed it a bit. I got tired of the "thief check" at the exit. I decided to spend my money where the staff said "Have a Nice Day" when I left instead of "I have to see your receipt". A little effort to find better stores has left me with more money in my pocket and a better feeling about what I spend. Welcome to the world of free shoppers.

GunGeek said...

When the drone asks to see your receipt, just say "No thanks" and keep walking. They may get a little irritated and may even try to tell you that you have to show it, but you don't.

I've even had one literally grab my cart and tell me that I would not be allowed to leave the store without showing my receipt. I asked if he was accusing me of stealing anything, he got all "what are you trying to hide" on me and I said to either get a manager or let me go and left. When I called to complain, the manager was very apologetic (seems it is quite illegal to prevent someone from leaving the store without holding them as a thief) and said they would speak directly to that greeter about being so overzealous.

I've even set off the alarm because the drone at the register didn't deactivate the tag. I told them not to worry, that I paid for it, that I don't care that they want to log which clerk didn't do their job and kept walking.

One of my biggest gripes against WallyWorld is that they are so optimized for absolute maximum profit that they have a continually limited set of products. To my mind, people would need weatherstripping all year long to keep the cold inside during the summer and the cold out in the winter, but they can show that it sells most profitably only during such-and-such a time period, so that's the only time they'll devote shelf space to it.

You can't even get a 12" wiper blade for the rear window wiper on your SUV.

Oh, and the whole stupid gun thing. I've virtually stopped going there after that. Since it is the 2nd closest grocery store and gas station to my house, we spent a whole lot of money there. It's only if I'm in a real hurry and don't have time to go to multiple locations that I shop there and then I just get the minimum I need.