Tuesday, August 12, 2008

People not being quiet little peasants just brings out the fascist

in some people.
Rainey suggested that the city might want to consider printing the names of all those who have state firearms cards in the local paper.

"Do you want your grandchild going to visit someone who has a gun?" Rainey asked. But no action was taken on that suggestion.
Probably because the other aldermen considered A: how much that'd piss off people who already have lawsuit on their minds and B: having their own personal information- everything someone could dig up- published. Gun bigots like Rainey just can't stand not controlling people who don't behave as they should.
Added: hmmm, petty tyrant; I like it.

Uncle points to the ObamaGun blog, dedicated to keeping track of the socialists' actual record on the ownership of arms.

Breda notes one of those "I love my country more than I despise McCain" moments, and a goblin assuming ambient temperature.

ColtCCO has a bit of trouble with incompetents causing his carry permit to be cancelled- without notice- and people trying to keep his sidearm because "the evidence officer told me they were running a stolen gun check on my own firearm, and it hadn’t come back yet." After three weeks. Which is flat bullcrap. Remember I mentioned having once been a LE dispatcher? Running a stolen check on a firearm takes about thirty seconds. Unless the system is down, of course, which does not take that long to fix. Which means they're playing games for some damn reason.

And we finally got some rain the other day. 'Some rain' in this case being more than three inches in this area in three hours, followed by sprinkles and mist the rest of the day and night. So everything got watered down, the lakes should be up, and I'll soon have to mow.

Ending with Chicago sucks. On multiple levels. Along with Bryan Miller.

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