Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Damn, I don't pay attention for a couple of days

and all kinds of stuff turns up.

Kevin notes that the race warlord poverty pimps have taken over some schools.
It's the end of the school year and Raza Studies students at Tucson High Magnet School are presenting research findings to their principal.

Their PowerPoint presentation is critical of policies toward English learners; some concerns hinge on whether students are funneled to vocational tracks, and some focus on inferior equipment.

Then comes an exploration of classroom décor, with photos of classroom items students consider culturally insensitive.

First up is a baseball poster, which they say should be soccer or rugby to validate other cultures. Next up flashes the Pledge of Allegiance and a patriotic poster featuring the Statue of Liberty, the American flag and an eagle.

"Most of the kids are from a different country, and this is showing them that this is the country that's the greatest and yours doesn't matter," a student maintains.
Read the whole thing. After putting breakables out of reach.

I thought we were reasonable proof against this kind of crap in this part of the country: I should have known better:
Citty, speaking at a news conference by a coalition of social services, clergy and community groups opposed to gang violence, said he believes in a citizen's right to carry firearms but that too many guns are reaching the hands of gang members. He said gang members and their victims are getting younger and younger.

"There has to be some tighter rules and regulations on the sale of firearms and the registration of those firearms," Citty said.
(bold mine)
Just freakin' wonderful. Further notes on this here and here(scroll to June 3).

Kevin also notes this article on math instruction. And just what condition it's in.

I was digging through Og's stuff(hadn't been there for a bit) and came across some scriptures on the Book of Hay-Nes

And further proof of Volk's statement 'TSA: Fast food rejects with police powers'

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Fire said...

All I can say is...if they don't like to see the American Flag...get the f%@# out of AMERICA! If they don't want to see a baseball player...they can close the f#@&*&@ eyes!

If they are sensitive to what symbolizes America...they can continue to have their a$$e$ wiped by their momma's. And once again...go back to wherever the hell they came from.

Now I'm pissed!