Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Yeah, I've heard the news about Ted Kennedy(Hypocrite-MA)

No, haven’t written about it before. Yes, I’ve got a confession to make.

I’m not changing my opinion of him because of the tumor. No “A great statesman, a great American” bullcrap*. I think he has been a hypocritical, corrupt, disgusting example of a liberal/socialist politician. Pushing the death tax when his own fortune has been carefully sheltered from it, trying to ban guns while paying private security- ARMED- to cover himself and family, pushing tax increases while sheltering the family money from them, playing the ‘alternative energy’ game while trying to prevent any scheme that might bother his view, playing the big women’s rights champion while often treating women as disposable chips to play with. He left Mary Jo Kopechne in a car in the water to die because it was 'inconvenient' for him to find a phone and call for help; anyone else’d have had a criminal conviction and probably have spent years in prison for leaving her to die, but a father more concerned with power and money than lives managed to protect him of the consequences of his actions. As a man, I think he sucks. As a politician, I think he’s done real damage to this country.

That does not mean I should feel pleasure at this announcement, or satisfaction. But I have to admit that when I first heard ‘Sen. Kennedy’ and ‘seizure’ my first thought was “maybe this’ll get him out of that office.” Not a good thing to think, it's a consequence of the fact that I can't think of a good thing to say about him. I know this is hard on his family, but I just can't find any sympathy in me for him.

* I bleepin' hate it when somebody dies and, immediately, people who made it plain for years that they thought the deceased was a crooked, stupid, drunken etc. turn up making speeches praising all the 'fine qualities' they had in life.


Anonymous said...

I feel for his family, as I'm sure some of them love him.

As for him, I hope he's awake, cognizant and feeling the combined terror Mary Jo Copechne and the millions of SE Asians he knowingly threw into the trash felt. I hope he feels this terror for eternity.

Gerry N.

Thud said...

I have enough decency in me to not relish the manner of his demise.this is however a vile man we are talking about so I too can't shed any false tears...time to pay the piper teddy boy.

vlad said...


Glad to see an enemy die.
Sorry he lived so long and did so much damage to our freedoms.
At every opportunity he voted for socialist welfare programs to, in the words of Vin Suprynowicz, steal the property of the
productive class, a little at a time gradually driving his
own country deeper and deeper into the sinkhole of
socialist corruption and induced redistributionist poverty.

Every time there is a tax increase, and you have less money to provide for and protect your loved ones, you can thank that bloated communist sonofabitch and those like him in Congress..

He's in pain? That's nice.
All I feel for enemies of the Constitution is hatred.

Annie said...

What goes around, comes around....

Anonymous said...

Too bad the meat wagon carring his carcuss to the hospital did not run off the bridge into the river.