Thursday, May 22, 2008

Illinois officials hiding the truth?

Why would anyone think such a thing?
In Michigan, retired DNR forester Mike Zuidema says he was ridiculed when he reported seeing a cougar. Zudiema has now documented 1,100 cougar sightings in upper Michigan since the 1950s and believes authorities are trying to hide a growing cougar population.

"It was a cover-up initially related to budgets," he said.

He says state officials didn't want to pay the costs of managing a new endangered species and that recently a high-ranking Michigan DNR official told him there is a disinformation campaign underway.

"We have been told that when we talk to the press and news channels, not to say it was a mountain lion. You can say the tracks were consistent with mountain lions. Or it probably was a mountain lion. But don't actually say it was a mountain lion, even if you think so," said Zuidema.
And why all the costs? Why, the enviroweenies and their regulations and their lawyers and their agenda to control how we'll be allowed to live, as is being demonstrated with the polar bears.
In court documents filed late Friday, the Center for Biological Diversity and other groups asked a federal judge to reject Interior Department actions that were announced last week.

Polar bears are threatened with extinction in many areas because of the melting of their sea ice habitat. The groups say greenhouse gas emissions have led to rapid melting in the Arctic.
Kassie Siegel, climate director for the Center for Biological Diversity, said the administration’s proposal “violates both logic and the law” because it did not address the primary threat to polar bears. The listing of polar bears under the law is significant, she acknowledged, but the groups want them classified as endangered, a more serious category than threatened.

Joining in the court case were Greenpeace and the Natural Resources Defense Council. They announced their new federal court filing on Tuesday.
Which is exactly the kind of bullshit we knew was coming. Never mind that their numbers have increased about fivefold since the 70's, list the bear in any way and the weenies and lawyers come out of the woodwork to use it as an excuse to take more control of our lives.

How about a season on enviroweenie lawyers?


workinthehood said...

I'm all for an open season on enviroweenie lawyers, bur first let me regale you with a possible mountain lion contact in Michigan.

Several years ago I was house sitting for my parents while they were out west on vacation. A few days into the house stiing I was taking my parent's dog out to do her thing. We got out onto the back deck. And then heard a tremendous feline growl from under the deck. The dog (a german shep/mutt mix) looked at me like "I'm not going out there". I looked down at her and said 'Me neither' and we both went back inside.

When I went to let her out later (much later) I was as had a 12 gauge and my .357 on me.
That was in Lapeer county Michigan (in the thumb for those who don't know). There is certainly something roaming around out there.

Anonymous said...

I have personally seen what I believe to be a cougar, and several sets of tracks of what I believe to be a cougar, in Upper Michigan.
I can only conjecture as to the reason for DNR's reluctance to acknowledge the existence of a population here, but there are some who agree with me.
There is a company which wants to open a mine in a remote area of the U.P. - indications are that their plans are much more extensive than they're currently admitting. If there is in fact a cougar population, the DNR would have to restrict mining and other commercial operations due to the presence of an endangered species.
I'm probably wrong; the .gov would never do anything like that, right?