Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Yeah, it's spring

I know this because I'm sitting here listening to
the rain outside
the wind
the tornado sirens
and the near-PSH on the tv weather warnings.

It started(the current twister) west of me, went northeast and doesn't appear to be on the ground anymore, just some very high wind gusts.

You know you grew up in this part of the country when you hear 'tornado warning' and go through the following sequence:
Where is it?
Which way is it going? Which is followed by either
Head for a 'fraidy hole or
Sit back and continue with what you were doing. With the news on, of course.

Used to have a neighbor who was originally from NY, and it drove her nuts that we'd hear 'tornado' and go out to look for it, instead of hiding.


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Fire said...

I love storms, and the eerie sounds of a tornado siren. I'm just not too fond of what that siren signifies.