Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Gee, maybe the Stupid Party is finally

getting the message. Although I have doubts they've got enough brains to know people really mean "Don't act like the Evil Party and keep growing government and ripping us off. We MEAN IT."

Let's see, great unhappiness for a few years now, lots of people telling them 'knock it off', and they just keep going. Then people telling them, flat-out and repeatedly, just what they think of border security and McCain sucking up to the Evil Party, and being ignored. And insulted. And now, "Oh my, we have a problem!"

Several weeks ago I got one of those "You have been a strong supporter for years(the hell I have), now we need more of your money" letters with a 'survey' the NRCC sends out. I left the money at $0, and sent it back with a letter telling them exactly why I wasn't sending them a damn penny. I doubt they paid attention; they were too busy pushing pork and sitting around saying "Of course they'll vote for us, they have to." Not taking note of the question that "If you're acting just like the Evil Party, why should we vote for you, you morons?"


Rustmeister said...

I got a questionnaire from the "R" party last week.
I'm not a registered "R", but voted for Fred Thompson in the latest primaries.

Anyway, I answered their questions, and in the donation portion I wrote in big, bold letters "Not a cent until you get back to small government".

I hope they got that message.

Anonymous said...

I got that questionnaire also, it sucked. The questions were worded so that you could not give a real opinion, just confirm what they think we want.

Anonymous said...

I got the same letter. Answered the questions I wanted to and wrote a nasty letter in crayon because the morons don't seem to be able to see the ink from a pen.

Donated nothing and told them why.

I'm sure they're too stupid to figure it out but I tried anyway.

Gerry N.