Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Ruger LCP: had a chance to shoot one

If you haven't seen/heard of them, here's a picture:

Looks a lot like the Kel-Tec P3AT, but there are, I'm told, enough differences to keep Ruger from facing any legal problems(there's a review with all the measurements here). Very thin, very light, it's definitely a pocket pistol in .380.

This one was recently bought and got a good shakedown. It was fired with a mix of ammo: some Speer Gold Dots, some Winchester Ranger, some Wolf Gold(all hollowpoints), some Monarch* ball and some American Eagle ball. There was one hitch, and that was in the first mag of the Winchester, the second round failed to feed: slingshotting the slide popped it in and everything after that went through without a hitch, total between 150-200 rounds.

The trigger was quite smooth, much like a well-tuned double-action revolver. I've fired a Kel-Tec, and this felt a bit different, a bit more comfortable to shoot, though it shared one thing: if you hold it like you would a 1911 or something bigger, your trigger finger runs into your thumb as you pull. The 'sights' are a very low bump in front and a small notch in back, and unless you put some paint or something on the front the thing disappears in dim light.

Accuracy was quite good for a pistol of this size/type. It was no problem keeping tight groups at ten feet, and at ten yards I could keep a magazine in a little larger than fist-size group in the upper chest of a silhouette. It ain't a bullseye pistol, folks, so this is very acceptable accuracy.

Overall, I liked it, and wouldn't mind having one. Especially this time of year, when concealing a compact 1911 can be a bit of a problem. Or as a backup gun any time of year.

*Monarch was the least-expensive brass case .380 I could find, and shot very well. It also seems to have the same headstamp as the Wolf Gold.


Fire said...

It's pretty to look at...but I just need more bang for my buck.

Firehand said...

Awright, leave banging your buck out of this.

Er, no, that's not what you meant, is it?

Ahem. For something small and light for a pocket, whadda you want, a .41 Mag?

Fire said...

Who said that I wanted anything light in my pocket? I'm a woman who knows how to handle her weapon and yours too. I don't need anything small.

And...actually, for once, I was not meaning anything sexual in my first comment. Now, in the first paragraph of this one...I am all over it. ;) Wanna give me a spankin', Firehand? It's my birthday on the 28th.

Arthur said...

So where did you get the monarch 380 and how much a box?

Firehand said...

Academy Sports, about $11.95. This seems to be pretty good stuff.

The Wolf Gold HP I picked up at Cabela's when down in Texas(Fort Worth store), it was $17.50 or 17.95, don't have the receipt handy, for 50 rounds. I need to get some more milk jugs and check the expansion on this stuff.

Arthur said...

Ah, ok.

I had picked up some Prvi Partizan hardball from AIM for $11.50 a box(not including shipping) so I wasn't too far off. They are now out of stock unfortunately.

I'm currently reloading Hornady 90gr XTP's at 1000fps. With the LCP's feedramp intrusion that's all the factory brass will take - and I can only reload 'em once.

I still have it in mind to try cutting down some 5.56 NATO brass to see if I can make a stronger case.

Arthur said...

Oh, I did fire that XTP load into a water barrel and they expanded perfectly with 100% weight retention.

If I'm ever attacked by rogue water barrels they won't stand a chance :)

Firehand said...

Cut-down 5.56? Hadn't heard of that before.

That load would definitely leave a mark. Deep one.