Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Child 'Welfare' workers:

"I do not think that word means what you think it does."

ELDORADO, Texas (CNN) — An 18-year-old who gave birth in state custody after she was incorrectly seized in a raid on a polygamist sect ranch says the state kept her in foster care in an effort to seize her baby. [...]

The state apparently agreed that Jessop was not a minor. A caseworker signed a statement saying Jessop gave her age as 18. Her birth certificate says so, along with a “bishop’s list” collected as evidence from the sect’s records.

There was also no denying she was weeks away from giving birth to her second child. And that, she believes, is why she wound up in foster care.

There's a number of other cases listed there. Oklahoma has the Department of Human Services, which has a Child Welfare Division. Which has had a number of cases of
Charging into a home and grabbing kids based on a 'tip' that either turned out to be false, or was phoned in by someone with a grudge, and
NOT doing anything about a case despite many calls reporting abuse, until the kid winds up in the hospital or dead. After either of which there are usually whines and demands for more money 'so we can have enough people to deal with these things'.

Of course, we also have morons like Joe Biden(Plagiarist/Who cares where he's from) coming up with crap like this:

“Biden’s latest domestic violence bill is the National Domestic Violence Volunteer Attorney Network Act, which amends Biden’s Violence Against Women Act to create an extensive network of volunteer attorneys to help abused women. The attorneys would provide free legal help in forging divorce or separation agreements and in winning child custody…


The bill will enlist 100,000 volunteer attorneys to help purportedly abused women win custody of their children from their alleged abusers.


The National Organization for Women has a campaign in support of the bill, and the bill is also supported by the American Bar Association and the Family Violence Prevention Fund. The bill can be seen here. Biden’s pitch for the bill from his defunct presidential campaign can be seen here.

Gee, lawyers and activist groups pushing a bill that's specifically to help one gender; whatever could possibly go wrong with that?

Tar, feathers, rail.

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Fire said...

Don't even get me started on Child Welfare. TOO DAMN LATE!

My niece and two nephews were physically and sexually abused since they were toddlers. MANY reports were made, hell, I have pictures of my niece with a black eye and a busted lip. These kids (when they were able to speak about what they were suffering)told the "officials" about them being made to perform sexual acts on each other. Did it make a difference. NOT ONE DAMN BIT! The children remained in the home and has suffered more abuse. Now my niece is 16 years old and her two younger brothers are going to be 13. They lost their childhood, thanks to "CPS", whose ONLY objective is to keep abusive parents with their VICTIMS. They suffered physical and sexual abuse their whole life. This sickens me.

CPS is nothing but BULLSHIT!

Sorry for the cursing, but this hits home with me.