Sunday, March 16, 2008

The Freedom Microchip! (fixed)

Designed to be implanted in the foreheads of America's enemies by any Soldier, Sailor, Marine, Airman or General Citizen of the U.S.!

When implanted, allows the subject to immediately speak to/commune with Allah!

Comes in an exciting variety of dosages!

Possible side effects include:
Implantee may or may not get to choose size.
May contain precious metals
May or may not be painless.
Bleeding and swelling will occur at injection site.

It is suggested implantee be operating heavy equipment in close proximity to co-workers at time of implant.

Yeah, yeah, that'll teach me to blog when sick.


Jeffro said...

Life after death optional.

Pain of short duration likely.

Kevin said...

I have 500 of the 175 grain SMKs, and I just ordered 100 of the Lapua 155 Scenars. They ARE longer than the heavier SMKs!

I have yet to put a round through the Remington 700 I bought back in November, because I haven't been able to come up with sufficient cash for a suitable scope, but I think in the interim I'm just going to move the scope off my target AR upper. I've GOT to see how this thing shoots!

One quibble with your Rx. The people who operate the heavy equipment aren't the ones who need an implant. It's the ones behind the armored glass of the limousine.

Firehand said...

But if the heavy equipment operator is in close proximity to the limousine... Cat vs. Mercedes, anyone?

Fire said...