Friday, March 21, 2008

State Senator Andrew Rice:

The GFW candidate!

This is the guy who wants to take the U.S. Senate seat currently held by Jim Inhofe. I wrote about him once before, noting his fundraising friends. A couple of days ago I decided to find out his stand on the Heller case and the 2nd Amendment in general, so I looked up his website and sent an e-mail asking. That was about five days ago, no response. Which to me indicates either
A: since I'm not in the district in question they won't bother with a reply or
B: they figure anyone asking such a question probably won't support him, so they won't reply.

So I went to the McCarville Report and searched for his name, and found this:
The ORA* cites responses Rice gave to a questionnaire he completed when a candidate for the State Senate: "In the survey he stated he (1) supported the assaults weapon ban, (2) believed the sale of military semi-autos to civilians should be curtailed, (3) civilian semi-automatic firearms should be restricted, (4) supported the registration of all firearms, (5) supported registration of all handguns, and (6) all firearms owners should be licensed."

So, on top of his associates, he's a GFW of the first water. How truly joyous.

Additional: damn, I scanned through all the posts McCarville has on this and ran across this:
The allegation comes from "Rusty," the administrator of the blog, who writes, "Calvin (Rees, co-administrator of a second blog for Democrats, and I often do not get along well. But Calvin and I generally agree on veteran’s issues. It was Calvin who told me about how Andrew Rice and Keith Smith took money raised for veteran’s families and deposited it in a gay endorsed PAC. Calvin has told his story to other veterans in front of me. Members of the newly formed Democrat Veteran group have been told the truth by Calvin about this issue. I have not released everything I know about this. It is even worse than a good Democrat could expect. It is far better than a good Republican could hope for."

A second poster, "Sally," says she confronted Rice about the allegation: "I asked Andrew about this terrible story and he walked away from me. His silence is deafing. I feel his political career is ruined by his own actions."
If THIS crap is indeed true, then the bastard ought to be stomped on by his own party, let alone anyone else.

And he's a Mikey Moore fan, too. Big surprise.

*Oklahoma Rifle Association

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The Avenger said...

Andrew Rice is an idiot to think he can beat James Inhofe for the U.S. Senate. Very simple really:
Inhofe represents the values and thinking of the majority of Oklahomans; Rice does not.

Inhofe in a landslide. (again)