Wednesday, January 09, 2008

This one brings back

a memory. No, I didn't answer the door naked(well, once, but- nevermind), a friend sort-of did.

Back in my time in college, one member of the group I ran around with was a girl whose warm weather uniform was cutoffs and a tank top. No bra, of course. Didn't walk around flashing people, that was just what she was comfortable in when it was hot. One day she heard something outside, looked out the window and saw a couple of the earnest young men in white shirts and black pants & ties on bicycles in the street, heading toward the door.

She thought a moment along the lines of "How the hell do I get rid of them?" She must've been a bit flustered, because I'd always thought she'd open the door, yell "F*** Off!" and slam it, or something equally brief. In this case, when they knocked she opened the door and kind of lounged against the frame, arm on the frame side up and said "Yesss?" in her best voice(she demonstrated when she told the story; there oughta be a law against something like that). Two very flustered young guys sputtered and hemmed a minute, then one said "We'd like to talk to you about the book of Mormon."

She leaned a little further over- which must've come damn close to popping something out of the top- and said "Really? I'm Church of Satan myself." in the most "are you edible?" tone she could put on.

They left. The house, the street and- apparently- the neighborhood.

What can I say, Leslie had a gift.


Anonymous said...

Had a friend who had two very large,loud,and friendly dogs. Their names were were Sam and George after the cartoon. When anyone rang the doorbell they would run to the door and sound like they wanted to eat whoever it was. The day the Mormons came he opens the door and said "Beelzebub! Astoroth! Sit! Can I help you?" I think they left skid marks on the porch getting away.

Anonymous said...

My Dad was the same way, he would always answer, listen then cheerfully say "sorry mate, we're all Satanists here!" then close the door.