Monday, January 07, 2008

If this is indeed the 'honor killing' it appears,

I want to know why the whole bloody country hasn't had this on the news:
Gail Gartrell, the sisters’ great-aunt, said Saturday that Mr. Said had physically abused the two girls for years. Around Christmas, the girls’ mother – Ms. Gartrell’s niece – had fled because of Mr. Said’s threats to kill the girls after he learned they had boyfriends, she said.

“She ran with them because she knew he would carry out the threat,” Ms. Gartrell said. “This was an honor killing.”

She said her niece returned after Mr. Said told her that he would move out so they could reconcile. Within a few days, she said, the girls were dead.

I don't care where they're from, I don't care how much education they have, anyone who would consider murdering his own children due to family 'honor' is a fucking goatherd in his soul. A barbarian, murdering, backwards, foul excuse for a man.

I may be being a bit unfair, maybe the news has covered it well, but I hadn't heard a damn word about it until I happened to click on Michelle Malkin's site today.


ERS said...

It is. It is. To one with a highly experienced eye, it is obvious the murders of the beautiful Said sisters of suburban Dallas were dishonor killings.

Ellen R. Sheeley, Author
"Reclaiming Honor in Jordan"

JR said...

The guy has been living and working amongst us for over 20 years, yet he still kills his daughters because they would dare to like us.

The news it tiptoeing very softly around the "honor killing" aspect of this, but that is exactly what it was.

I did a write up on it the other day.

Windy Wilson said...

"The news it tiptoeing very softly around the "honor killing" aspect of this"
because we don't want the people who get homicidally mad mad at us for anything, particularly telling the truth.