Saturday, January 05, 2008

Kind of a general roundup

For instance, what do you do when the fish turns out to be bigger than the boat?

The Goreacle must be weeping with all the global warmering going on.

The Brit government has figured out how to fix their health care system: Treat Yourself, which should go along quite well with not allowing overweight people treatment. Or diabetics above a certain age. Etc.

Also from the Brit government, art pieces for the MoD. Instead of icky things like ammo and parts.

Ah, the peaceful, reasonable progressives.

And if this is what the French call a 'relatively calm night', the bad parts of Iraq and Afghanistan should make them feel right at home.

And if you pre-ordered a copy of Monster Hunter International, they're in the mail.

1 comment:

markm said...

re #1, Hemingway wrote a story on that subject - but worrying about whether the fish is going to eat the boat and boater puts a different twist on it!