Thursday, January 03, 2008

George MacDonald Fraser

We lost a good one today.


martywd said...

I guess I've lived a sheltered life?  I'd never heard/read of Mr. Fraser's Flashman series before seeing the Crittenden post yesterday.  Then another post today at the new blog, 'Bayou Renaissance Man', prodded me to call my library and reserve "Flashman: From the Flashman Papers 1839-1842".  And now with a third mention at 'Irons in the Fire', I know I'm in for a bunch of good reading!

Firehand said...

Friend started me on the years ago. Be prepared: Harry Flashman is a thoroughly despicable character. But the books give some very interesting asides on the history of the time, and are good reads.

Fraser's book "Quartered Safe Out Here" is about his time in the Brit Army in Burma in WWII, also very good.

The Old Man said...

Despicable? No. Opportunistic? You betcha. Someone you wouldn't want around your wife or daughter? Not unless you fancy a duel. A stout fellow to follow to get out of danger? Yes. A survivor?

Damn straight.

og said...

Damn. Guess I have a new addition to the reading list.

markm said...

Marty & og: You're in for some great reading. Fraser was CS Forrester (Horatio Hornblower) or Bernard Cornwell (Sharpe) with a wicked sense of humor. Who else but Flashman could refer to Queen Victoria as "Vicky" and speak admiringly of her eating asparagus like a sword-swallower?

Also, Fraser was in the thick of things in WWII (the Burmese theater, no less), and it certainly shows in his non-Flashman works.