Friday, April 13, 2007

My only comments about the Imus mess

First, "Imus? Who?" Never heard his show, remembered he's some radio show host in NYFC.

Second, nobody with a brain and/or balls would even consider offering an apology for 'racial insensitivity' to the 'reverends' Sharpton and Jackson. For more on Sharpton's lying, race-baiting career, see here. And Jessie 'hymietown' Jackson? The 'reverend' who was screwing women on the side, fathering a child by one and using company money to pay her off? These RWPP assholes demand apologies and ring-kissing? Bleah.

Third, the dumbass should have apologized to the team for making a stupid comment; I have to agree with Howard Stern who(I heard) said that Imus should have said "It was a joke. Screw you" to the above noted RWPPs, and never apologized to them. I think Imus is a standard shock-jock type from what I've heard; shock-jock said something offensive, this is a surprise?

Big friggin' mess(with media help, of course) that the above noted RWPP assholes are using to gain power and money. It's enough to make you start drinking.

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