Monday, March 26, 2007

In the comments on the Portland demonstration

Windy said Btw, have you noticed that those of that political, philosophical and moral bent nearly always refer to such women as "ladies" and always refer to men as "males"? Denying men their humanity, there?

Which reminded me of something that told me just how rotted some people are on the subject of male-female: Few years ago I was watching 'Antiques Roadshow', the episode was from either Seattle or Portland. Two women had what turned out to be an extremely rare Inuit artifact their father had picked up many years before. In speaking of where he found it, one said "He bought it years ago, when he was a young m-", caught herself and changed it to "person."

Think about that. She was talking about her father, and couldn't let herself refer to him as having been a 'young man'. Just what kind of idiotic twists of mind are required to think that way?

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