Sunday, March 25, 2007

If you haven't read of the 'peace march' in Portland,

go read this. I can't better his take on it.

Crap like this pretty much destroys the 'we support the troops' lies from these people. You do NOT burn someone in effigy if you support them. You do NOT burn the flag which stands for what they protect. And you do NOT drop your pants and crap on said flag.

That's just bloody amazing to think on. This idiot actually, on a public street in front of women* and kids, took his pants down and emptied his bowels on an American flag. What kind of absolute freakin' idiocy and self-indulgence does it take to commit such an act? And some of these idiots cheered him.

In case anyone who supports this kind of 'protest' happens by, let me state this flatly: I do not question your patriotism, I deny it. You don't burn troops in effigy if you actually support them, you don't burn your own flag(or, in this case, the flag of the country you live in) if you support them and give a damn about this country, and you don't cheer on and make excuses for those who do. If you do, you are not patriotic, no matter how many words you spill claiming you are.

You're the same kind of idiot who makes excuses for the Taliban. You're the same kind of idiot as the homosexuals who protest in support of the Palistinian Authority, and fools like Rosie O'Donnel who supports al Qaeda. And if you're one of the parents who let their kids watch this crap, you just plain suck.

*I will not refer to females such as these as 'ladies', for they most certainly are not.

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