Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Further word from Basic

Got a letter from my son today, catching me up on things at boot camp. Lots of stuff, but two things in particular I thought I'd mention.

First: "Ok, so I only wish something like the gas chamber on my worst enemies" followed by a graphic description. As far as experiences to go through, I think I'll skip this one. Yuck.

Second: "The M-16s issued out are the A2 version and it looks like they haven't been oiled in a long time", and later "Cleaned the M-16 today. That sucker was dirty as hell. Dry patches came out black. I had to run a brush down it and then about 10 patches before it actually started to come clean.
"It was bad, and the cleaning stuff they gave us had no solvent. So all there was was oil, patches and brushes. So I made that sucker shine on the inside by the time I got all the fouling out."

Sniff. My boy did pay attention at times, and to important stuff at that! Now if a truck runs over me tomorrow, I'll know I passed something on other than "Just because the vehicle is capable of doing something, doesn't mean YOU are". Which I think he listened to. I hope.

More updates as they come in. I've got a letter to write.

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