Friday, July 21, 2006

Ref the Indian .308

I mentioned here, Kevin from Smallest Minority warned me off firing any more of it; he'd posted on the stuff here.

So just to check it, I took one bag of ten cartridges, pulled the bullets on five and weighed the charges on each. All were a ball powder; three had a cake of something stuck on the bottom of the bullet, in two of those it had broken up and was mixed with the powder(waxy-looking stuff). I got the following weights in grains:

That seems like a lot of variation to me. All headstamps were OFV opposite M80, with 7.62 opposite 96.

I get the time I'll pull more and weigh them. I'm eventually going to pull all the bullets and dump the powder and recycle the brass; I'm damn sure not going to fire any more of them.

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