Thursday, July 20, 2006

"I'm not responsible enough to own guns,

so YOU'RE not, either!"

Which is what a lot of 'guns are bad' thinking boils down to. Kevin has a piece here on the subject; in particular read the general run of comments, which ALL come down to "I don't trust myself, why would I trust you?"

It constantly amazes me the lines people draw. I've known people(back when I played in the SCA) who spoke with great enthusiasm about the knife, sword or axe they kept by the bed; but mention firearms and they'd come unglued. As if there's something 'noble' about giving a burglar/rapist/murderer 'honorable combat'(BIG thing in the SCA, fine for the game but downright stupid when carried over to real life); something fine about sticking a couple of feet of steel through someones' intestines or an axe into their brain; but shooting an attacker? Why, that's downright terrible!"

Take this comment: "I started a sword collection a few years back (amazingly it's more than just *gasp* katanas!) and toyed with the idea of starting a gun collection as well. I knew though that I probably wouldn't have the responsibility and intelligence it takes to safely own them." So this one thinks having long, sharp steel weapons around is just fine, but apparently his brain wouldn't be up to the task of a: checking guns for loaded and b: not pointing them at people. Personally, I don't see why that's so much more difficult than not waving sharp blades around at people, but hey, maybe I'm just not smart enough.

How about this: if you're so unstable you can't trust yourself with weapons, why the hell should we trust you to drive a vehicle on public roads? Or handle any hazardous substance? Or own/use ANYTHING that might be harmful to somebody?

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