Friday, February 10, 2006

They just won't learn...

'They' being the Brits. I've seen this in several places: "A five-week nationwide knives amnesty is being launched in the summer in an attempt to drive down numbers of stabbings.

They just don't pay attention. They've banned damn near everything, restricted damn near everything, and the crimes keep happening, and they just want to ban something else. On and on and bloody on.

It's not the knives, anymore than it's the guns; it's the CRIMINALS. Do something about them and your crime problem will start going down; keep blaming objects and it'll keep going on. And up.

They won't, of course, not until something so drastic happens that the British people rise up and force it, and I just don't know if that'll happen. They've been disarmed, told that 'excessive' self-defense is illegal, had their schools and public life turned into one big PC playground, and they haven't stopped that. At least partly, it's because of their form of government I think; from what I've read, it's pretty damn hard for them to do anything except on a local level, and most of their politicians are like a bunch of clones of Teddy Kennedy who know better that all the peasants what's good for them.

Few years ago I listed to a guy listing why almost all countries with actual elected governments have a Parliament-type system like Britain with a Prime Minister, and how if we were smart we'd change to that. Having seen how it works out in all those 'enlightened' places, if I ever see him again I may kick him in the ass.

Also, at Kim's place found this: Plans to compel people to produce their ID cards have been postponed indefinitely in an attempt to save Tony Blair from another embarrassing defeat at the hands of rebel MPs.
...Mr Clarke had intended to introduce the cards ­ expected to cost around £93 each ­ on a voluntary basis first, with a view to making them compulsory later. Under the original legislation that would have required only a simple vote by MPs.

Besides the bullshit of the idea in general, I'm wondering why it would cost that much; if I remember right, that's about $175 per card. I said it before and I'll say it again; full credit to Blair for understanding that we have to fight the islamofascists now, or it'll be ten times worse later, but in every other way he's the kind of big-government nanny-state politician I despise. But, I have to admit, he's not the only one with a problem in this kind of thing. Maggie Thatcher, who in other ways was a marvel, had the standard 'disarm the peasants' attitude toward arms.

Maybe it's something in the water...

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