Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Ask an expert

Researchers found the following symbols cut into the rock wall of a cave:

The section of rock bearing the marks was cut out and taken to a museum. Dating indicated the markings were about three thousand years old.

Meetings were held, conferences attended, meanings argued and disputed. Finally a press conference was held, and the head of the museum pointed to the first symbol and said "This is a woman. We can see they held women in high esteem. You can tell they were intelligent and had domesticated the wild donkey. And the shovel indicates they made and used tools.

"Even further proof of high intelligence is the fish; in times of famine on land, they found food in the sea. And they were, from the last symbol, Hebrews or related."

And there was much applause.

And then a little old Jewish man stood up and said "You idiots, Hebrew is read from right to left. It says 'Holy mackeral, dig the ass on that chick!' "

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