Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Ok, I'm done

And I don't need a fork to tell. This morning the mold came in so I cast about a hundred .38 caliber 190grain bullets, cleaned up from that, and spent the rest of the day pruning and cleaning up. The electric chipper I ordered came in the other day, so I now have a full compost heap and a much smaller pile of branches than usual for the big trash pickup.

Right now the muscles between my shoulder blades feel like someone either hit me with a club or stuck something in(second wife? Nah, the dogs would've told me), and the rest of my body is telling me to knock it off. I caught my son after work and took him to dinner, so the last of my energy is digesting that.

I noticed that Rob trackbacked to me today on this post, glad he enjoyed it. Now if he'll get his health taken care of so he doesn't fall over and die... Hey, Rob? If you think the gnats in the onions were bad, think about your dead body in a Georgia summer after a few days. Yuck.

Bye, y'all.

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