Tuesday, September 20, 2005

A very handy set of stones

No, not that kind, and that's none of your business anyway. Unless you're female. And single. And- never mind.

A year or so ago a local gun shop was having a sale, and among the items in the knife cases was this:

It's a set of ceramic stones from Spyderco. One each triangle, square, round and knife-edge, each 5" long. They say fine grit, but I think it's a very fine; it seems to put a quite nice polish on a piece. I got them specifically for trigger and other gun work. They're small enough to fit in tight areas of a trigger or sear, put on a nice polish, and they don't seem to wear down. 'Least not that I can tell so far. They clean up with something like Comet and a scrub pad, and according to the catalog they can even be sterilized for medical use.

They're fairly fast-cutting, too, which is nice. A set of these, and for a final, mirror-smooth polish something like the synthetic ruby stone that Brownell's carries, could take care of just about anything. I've been real happy with them.

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