Monday, September 19, 2005

That people like this work and fight to come here...

Sometimes they die trying. But many make it. Right now I'm speaking of Corporal Tibor Rubin, now being awarded the Medal of Honor for his actions in the Korean War.

A Hungarian Jew, at 15 he was stuck in Mauthausen camp in Austria. Most of his family died in the camps, he survived 14 months before the camp was liberated. And he came to America, and made the kind of life that should be remembered. Hell, it should be a damn legend.

He joined the Army, and went to Korea. Twice part of a rear guard to hold the enemy off, the first time doing it single-handed. Captured after the second time, in a Chinese pow camp he risked beatings and death to steal food, and.... Go here for a good write-up of it, here for the official citation, and read them.

"No one knew when they would die," Ted noted, "It was all random." When prisoners passed away, Ted would bury them, and recite the Kaddish. "I buried my friends, my comrades, American soldiers," Ted said, "and asked the Good Lord to let them rest in peace."

He came home and lived a good life. He reminds me of the great-uncles I mentioned before, who served in WWII, came home, raised families and lived good lives. Both in the doing and in the examples they gave.

We need to know of people like these, remember them, tell our children about them. People like Rick Rescorla, like Sergeant Christopher Turner, like Col. James Coffman, LTC Erik Kurilla, and the list goes on. Our goddamed media won't talk about them unless cornered and forced to, because they don't like people like them. Too big a set of balls, and too much integrity from what I can tell; they give MSM 'journalists' the vapors.

Check Blackfive for one, he lists these people and tells you about them, and Michael Yon. And remember these men and women.

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