Sunday, June 12, 2005

This just in, everybody didn't die! Film at 10!

It never fails. Strong storms coming in? "HIGH WINDS! HAIL! TORRENTIAL RAINS! BATTEN DOWN THE HATCHES!!!" It's like the crap on the news every time a big tropical storm or hurricane moves toward the coast, except it's only local news, not national, telling you to be sure your will is made out.

This evening in central OK we had some strong winds come through, a few areas getting gusts as high as 80mph but the worst everywhere else in the 50's. And it rained pretty heavy as the first line came through, and has rained light to moderate in waves since. Not a damn thing we haven't seen before, but from the way the weather weenies kept coming on, you'd think the world was about to end.

You folks on the coast? I'm not sure how you get through hurricane season without hanging one or two of the most annoying of them.


Ozarks Nick said...

I'll bet you're in northeast Oklahoma. And if so I know exactly which weather-weeny you're talking about. It's the fellow from KOAM out of Pittsburg/Joplin, on the air channel 7, right?

I live just a bit north of Joplin and I can't stand to watch that channel when there's storms going through. Every few minutes ... "we interupt our regular scheduled broadcast ..." And he says "at this time" all the time.

Well, anyway, if you're not from NE Okie then I don't know who you're talking about but I'll bet he's real similar to the one up here.

Firehand said...

Central OK. We've had those in the past- still have a couple- but they've backed of some after a lot of creative screaming by people.

I think it was Gary England, local weather weenie, who a few years ago broke in over the last few minutes of a movie to basically say "There's nothing severe out there, just some wind and rain, but we'll keep watching it!" He damn near had to go into hiding for a while after that, and the others seem to have absorbed some of the lesson.