Friday, May 06, 2005

Carnival of Cordite #11 is up!

At Pajama Pundits, who for some reason I'd never seen before. Go see.

In particular is a piece on Gerald Nunziato. Never heard of him? He used to be the head of BATF National Tracing Center, now he's basically saying that all gun owners are criminals, and the only people being supported by NRA are criminals and terrorists. Go, read, marvel at the bigotry and stupidity of a former federal official who had the power to help screw peoples lives up forever. As someone points out, if ATF brass didn't have a history of saying crap like this, gun owners wouldn't be so prone to see ATF as a bunch of assholes out to stomp on citazens for exercising their rights. And there's been far too many statements and actions by ATF in the past to pass this off as an abberation; including agents, current & retired, saying that if you showed sympathy for the idea of an individual right to arms, your chances of promotion went down the toilet.

Another one I'd never seen before is EuroHacker. Some interesting stuff there, worth checking back on later. And see if I can find the earlier issues.

By the way, have you ever noticed the problem with the riches we have here? I have no idea how many times I've found a site with something really interesting and thought "I should write about/send this to somebody/bookmark this place", click a link there to something, and a while later not only can I not find the article I was thinking of, I can't find the #*)_!@ blog it was on!

Or is that just me?(I think I'll bookmark some things NOW)

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EuroHacker editor said...

Uh, you can find issue 1 by changing the URL slightly. "issue1" instead "issue2"

//The Editor