Sunday, May 01, 2005

Warsaw Ghetto, 1943

I found this at Horsefeathers.

I can never read an account of this without feeling chills, and sometimes tears. A bunch of despised Jews, marked for death, deciding that they were not going to die as sheep in gas chambers, forcing the feared SS to bring in tanks and artillery to win a fight against a bunch of outnumbered, outgunned 'un-humans'.

Peter Capstick once wrote that if you don't respect the AmaZulu, then you don't know fighting men. If you can read the accounts of these people's courage and not feel something, maybe the presence of courage and greatness, then I'm very sorry for you.

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Gunner said...

There is a made for TV movie called "Escape from Sobibor" that is worth finding. Showed the uprising from the inside and the history of it all.