Wednesday, May 04, 2005

The Postal Match

that Og set up, first deadline this weekend.

I shot both the .22 pistol and rifle the other day. Pistol I did worse than I expected, which I blame on trying to shoot both in one range visit. Not totally disgusting, but not too good, either.

The rifle, now I was rather happy with my score. Why, you ask?

HAVE YOU LOOKED AT THAT FREAKIN' TARGET? The bullseye's a half-inch across! Jeez, at 25 yards it was a blurry dot to me! The target I usually use for offhand at that range is a 2" diameter black circle, which made this think look like one of those spots that occasionally swims about before my eyes. That I got a high enough score not to be greatly embarrassed by makes me quite happy with my performance that day.

And anyone who says "The rings help you center the bull" is getting introduced to my hammer. The four-pound one.


MikeG said...

Good shooting! The rifle target was tough. The pistol target gave you a bit more latitude. It was easier than last year, but still it made you really work!

Firehand said...

Thanks. I actually expected to do better with the pistol; instead I shot it lousy, and scored a lot better with the rifle than I expected.