Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Two general comments on current news

First is the mess at a Columbus, OH school, covered by Michelle Malkin here. There is absolutely NO excuse for the administrators at this school. None. All involved in this mess should be fired, followed by the barbarians who committed the acts being jailed( or my personal preference, hanging them up by the short & curlies for, oh, a week or so). That the school system is only firing one, and trying to both a: cover up for the others with 'suspensions' and b: trying to use this as a lever for more money tells me that a lot of them ought to be thrown the hell out. When they care more for image and money than getting the job done- the job being educating kids- they need to go.

I will note that the girls' father has far more self-restraint than I; when that idiot assistant principal tried to keep him from calling the police, I think I'd have committed an atrocity. 'Atrocity' nowadays begin defined as 'belting officious jerks who try to control you'.

Second, there's a measure to kill the death tax, also covered by Michelle here. And all the usual bullshit arguments as to why it's 'needed'. Let me make my position clear: there is NO EXCUSE for the government taking a large chunk of what you earned in life just because you died. NONE. You were taxed on it when you earned it, if you invested it and made some more you payed taxes on that and now the bastards think that because you're dead, they should be able to take more. Screw 'em. I don't care if someone talks about 'the richest not paying their share' and all the other garbage; It Is Not Right. Doesn't matter if your estate is large or small, It Is Not Right.

I lean more and more to Misha's comment: "Lamppost, rope politician; some assembly required".

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So many lamp posts, so little time.