Saturday, April 23, 2005

Remember the shed?

Between getting it into and out of the truck, and getting the cement blocks(loaded/unloaded), and digging and levelling, my ass would be dragging if it wasn't too sore to do so. From my back down to my ankles, I hurt.

But at least it's from accomplishing something. I got the site mostly done, the foundation assembled and the floor support kit in place, and most of the pieces that can be assembled before actually starting the building are done. Now I'll need some help and a day without the wind trying to turn anything not nailed down into a glider.

Ever tried to carry a 3x4' panel in strong & gusting winds? Wind load is not your friend in such cases. And like most buildings of this type, you can't leave it half-done & finish it tomorrow if there'll be any strong winds.

The rest of this is gonna be fun.

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