Friday, April 22, 2005

The fat police strike again

Tech Central Station has this piece on the newest bit of information from the Centers for Disease Control. In short, all their hysteria about obesity killing several hundred thousand people annually and wrecking the health care system is a crock of crap.

Surprise, surprise. This is the bunch of bureaucrats that came up with the 'body mass index' that does not take into account build, age, or condition, it just says 'if you are this tall and weigh this much it is bad/good/bad'. They've been using that crap as a club to beat on people with, even after a LOT of researchers pointed out that it was damn near useless. Now this.

Of course, the rest of the fat police are discounting the latest CDC admission; they have to, without it they're in bad shape in their crusade to tell everyone how/what/when to eat.

CDC may be a wonderful group when they're working on bacteria and viruses and other organisms that actually cause problems. But they're constantly getting into political crap- like this- and you always know which way they will lean. This is the group that was moaning about not having enough money to deal with research into some nasty viruses at the same time they were paying some jerk a couple of hundred thousand dollars to 'prove' how much more dangerous guns in the house were to you rather than to an intruder- another study shown to be a load of crap. So either they've got to clear out the idiots that want to waste money on stuff they shouldn't be doing, or they've got too much money, and need a cut.

Either one would help. If they'd actually do it.

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