Thursday, January 20, 2005


A while back Acidman had a bit of disagreement with a post at another site bitching about people who drive them. Not all, most of the people who drive them. That wen't back & forth a bit, with nothing settled(as if anything would be).

Here's my take on it. Idiots who drive with a phone stuck on their ear and/or fiddling with their hair/makeup are idiots, period. They don't need a big vehicle to be dangerous. (Aside: we don't need laws banning use of phones in vehicles; just prosecute the dummies on careless/reckless driving charges). And I agree with the guy in that people who spend $25-25 thousand for a Hummer or whatever primarily because it's 'Cool' are idiots; however, it's their money to spend.

My big disagreement comes when someone pops up with the 'what do they need that for?' line. This being the U.S., the only appropriate response to that, whether touching on vehicles, guns, food or computers, is "None of your damned business". As far as actual reasons people choose them?

My parents bought a new one a couple of years ago. After trying out a lot of cars, they tried a Ford Explorer and loved it. Reasons? 1. lots of carrying space for everything from garden and house supplies to grandkids, 2. it's a lot easier getting in and out of it than out of a low-slung car, and 3. Dad spent a long time in the highway patrol, and worked about every kind of accident involving every kind of vehicle you can think of; as a consequence he refuses to buy a vehicle that doesn't have a solid frame and some mass.

There was a report I heard about shortly after they bought it that confirmed the costs in lives of making vehicles lighter to improve mileage. No matter how many crush-zones etc. you put in you're more likely to die or be seriously injured in a lighter vehicle. It pretty much confirmed what Dad had been saying for years, and made me even happier with my pickup.

Where I do get ticked off is when someone starts that "I don't feel safe with those big SUV's on the road!" crap. Everything is a tradeoff; you buy a dinky little car, you will get better mileage but not be as safe in the event of an accident. That's your choice, so don't start telling other people they shouldn't be allowed to own the vehicle they choose.

For what it's worth.

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