Saturday, January 22, 2005

Cold again

After three pretty nice days, two of which I could ride the bike to work, about 10 this morning another front came in. Wind sweeping down the plain, indeed. Sweeping out the yard, the streets, the parking lots, and you could actually feel the temperature dropping. Yuck.

It's supposed to be mid- or low teens for the lows tonight, then warming back up again over the next couple of days. January in Oklahoma; I've seen it colder than the female pagan's breastworks for weeks on end, and turning warm enough to run around in shorts, then cycle back to cold again. It'll keep up this kind of cycle until about mid-April, though it does vary a bit. O.U. Medieval Fair has always been either the first or second weekend of April, and the weather has included; 80's and windy, cool & cloudy or sunny, rain, cloudy and cold, damn cold and spitting ice, or a combination of the above. The tents provided have walls that can be moved, and in one weekend I've had to change the setup on mine three times in three days, because the wind direction/strength changed so drastically.

Through a link at Acidman, I found Feisty Repartee, written by a lawyer about various things. I am going to try the pepper steak recipe, probably tomorrow.

Steve once noted that speedbikes sound like a chainsaw, whereas his Moto Guzzi 'sounds like two leopards having really great sex in a tile bathroom'. Not having heard that myself I can't comment, but I love the description. Side note: I like a nice, throaty rumble in a bike exhaust, but I flat hate bikes so loud they make your ears hurt from a block away.

Last few days, Kim du Toit and the Diplomad both had further links as to the crap the U.N. and associated fools pull, all the while claiming they're saving people and doing 'really important work'. Screw the bastards. After some of the stuff I've found out over the last few years, next time some of these jerks demand we do something we should take them to one of the places they claim to be caring for, kick them out the door and say "Go to it", and then leave. The bozos might then at least perform the service of becoming compost.

I've been collecting tax stuff. Every time I have to do this, I want someone to do something constructive with the tax code. Like burn it. When the bureaucrats have made a system so big and complex they can't even understand it, it needs to go.

I think my soapbox is wobbling. Where'd I put the glue?...

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Christina said...

Thank you for stopping by and I hope you enjoy the pepper steak, another reader just sent an endorsement!

Take care.