Monday, April 01, 2024

The WHO needs, very badly, to be told to go to hell,

and if they trying this crap they should be helped on their way.

And any politicians who agree to their demands should be sent with them on the trip.
This lesson is anathema to politicians and bureaucrats. Instead of analyzing their many mistakes during the pandemic, WHO officials are pretending their performance entitles them to expand their empire. Under the proposed new regulations, which would be “legally binding,” nations would commit themselves during an emergency to “recognize WHO as the guidance and coordinating authority of international public health response.” The agency could issue directives on quarantines, contact tracing, travel restrictions, border closures, and vaccine passports. In the name of “equity,” nations and companies could be required to share intellectual property, to supply the WHO with vaccines and other products, and to provide various “resources”—including funds to pay for the WHO’s expanding bureaucracy.

Nations that sign the pandemic treaty would promise to “cooperate” in “preventing misinformation and disinformation,” which presumably means silencing scientists who disagree with the WHO’s conclusions and edicts. Asking for this takes remarkable chutzpah, given how much misinformation the WHO itself spread during the pandemic. It originally underplayed the threat by repeating China’s false assertion that the virus wasn’t spread by human-to-human transmission. Then it pivoted to terrifying the public by vastly overstating the fatality rate. It praised China’s “transparency” and s brutal lockdown. It issued false statements the airborne transmission of the virus and about natural immunity. It continues recommending masks despite their harmful effects and the evidence that they make little or no difference in stopping viral spread.


Anonymous said...

what I do not understand us why any one listens to these assholes. like who died and made them god/king/whatever ?
the WHO and the UN are both worthless waste of our tax dollars. and like a lot of others, I say enough of their bullshit. get out and stay out.

Dan said...

Telling them to go to hell won't get it done. We need to SEND them there.