Saturday, December 30, 2023

The last half of the week has been stressful and wearing,

and I almost forgot the Saturday data dump.  Here 'tis, and I'm going to sit a bit and hope I actually get some sleep tonight.


Anonymous said...

Thank you for your service. HNY!

Rich said...

Another great set of babes!
I will gladly offer my grooming services to number 24 with that mane!
Thanks and happy new year!

Anonymous said...

Not going out tonight either. I’m way too old to deal with overly loud and crowded settings. A little quiet time with my wife and sipping a bourbon or two.
Happy new year.

pigpen51 said...

Once again I am persuaded to face the coming year knowing that God created such beautiful creatures, while saying it is not good that man should be alone.
Of course, if I were trying to get just about any of these young beauties into my life, I would of most assuredly end up alone.
Thank you for making my 2023 worth living in. Not just the Friday and Saturday study topic, but the other bits of wisdom you dispense daily.