Tuesday, November 21, 2023

Two stories, from two different countries, saying 'Melting Ice Reveals Artifacts',

from Canada and Norway.  Which would seem to indicate that the ice wasn't always there.  Which would mean cycles of icing and melting.  Or, you could say, warming and cooling periods.

Why, it's as if this current bit of warming is nothing extraordinary!


Rob said...

A few years back there was a story of a village in Alaska coming out of the ice it had been under for the last 500 years, they did not notice that 500 years ago there was no ice... that was not the point of the article.
The propaganda never stops.

Dave said...

Surely that can't be true. We have probably underestimated the impact of caveman and dinosaur farts on the environment. We must destroy all life to save the planet.

Justin_O_Guy said...

And the lefty cult members are unable to grasp that Those Things were under the ice because they Existed prior to the ice Being there. They only see
Ice. Melting. Reee!

Evidence, the roots, of vineyards in Europe further North than grapes grow today, proves the earth was warmer. Some people say it doesn't. Yeah, vineyards are there, but it doesn't prove it was warmer, somehow

slow joe crow said...

The ones demanding we sacrifice ourselves on the altar of "global warming" never want to acknowledge the Medieval Climate Optimum that allowed the Norse colonization of Greenland nor do they acknowledge the distortion of using the Little Ice Age as a basis for their graph of doom.

Anonymous said...

I've yet to hear what the optimum climate for the entire planet is supposed to be. There is no stated goal or number we should be shooting for. How do we know when we've achieved zero climate change? It's also telling that when nothing extreme happens, like fewer hurricanes, the cult never takes credit for their policies working. The whole concept is a phantom.