Thursday, September 22, 2022

Someone on that last Holmes and Watson movie pulled a good one

The movie is Game of Shadows, and there's a scene where, while everyone else is riding a horse, Holmes is on a pony.

And as they're riding, the music for the scene is the theme from Two Mules for Sister Sara*.  I thought it fitting.*

*In case I've overly dated myself by mentioning a western nobody else remembers, Sara starts off with a mule which goes lame, and she trades it for a burro.   Now go watch it


Arthur said...

Two Mules for Sister Sara is one of my all-time favorite love stories.

That and The African Queen.

(Shirley MacLaine) "The least you can do is take off your hat."
(Clint Eastwood) "Haven't got time for that."

jeff d said...

Two Mules For Sister Sara is still a good movie.

Firehand said...

"I figured one funeral. Catholic."
"I did not know you were Catholic."

Sailorcurt said...

"In case I've overly dated myself by mentioning a western nobody else remembers"

So, does the fact that I not only remember the movie, but own it on DVD mean that I'm old?

oops. Self-answering question.

Anonymous said...

old enough to remember watching really crappy westerns si-fi and war films in 1956. it cost 50 cents to get in the door on Saturday mornings, for a movie and 5-6 cartoons...

Anonymous said...

I'm old enough to have seen parts of it, and I still can't stand that movie. My s.o., on the other hand, watches it every time its on.