Wednesday, May 18, 2022

More on the asshole in NY

The shooter states that he targeted locations where CCW was prohibited or low.

He chose a location where if people were armed they would be limited to 10 round magazines and not have access to rifles.

He stated he would be wearing level IIIA armor that could defeat the ammunition carried by the guards at Tops Market.

He thought this attack out to minimize danger to himself, and considering that he was taken alive, it worked.

You need to be prepared to fight someone who is wearing armor and knows you will only have a handgun.

I don't know about starting off low, but if someone is visibly, or is, call it puffed up more than looks right, be ready to drop the aim point.


Matthew W said...

We were taught at one time the "Zipper".
Shoot the pelvic bone and keep firing up as they go down.
Your mileage may vary.................

Anonymous said...

Aim between navel and the plums. There's a lot of nerves, major vessels, important bones, and joints. Putting a few rounds in that region will quickly stop or slow an attacker.

Anonymous said...

Yeah Man !!
John “Shrek” Mcfee SOB