Friday, May 20, 2022

And another kick in the ass for the legions of the perpetually aggrieved

Expelliarmus! And faster than you can say Severus Snape, the dork magic that is wokeness has been neutralized. J.K. Rowling is being let out of her PC jail cell by the new chief of Warner Bros. Discovery.
But this spring a new headmaster, David Zaslav, came in to run Warner Bros., which made the Harry Potter films. Zaslav has already made two big, and hilarious moves: Canceling CNN+, and uncanceling Rowling. Zaslav is meeting with Rowling to discuss new Harry Potter projects, reports the Wall Street Journal.

The asshats of wokeness thus take another kick in the crotch.  About damned time, too.

And the actors from the Potter movies who were so willing to crap on her?  Shame on them for being such assholes to the woman whose stories made them famous and rich.

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