Monday, October 11, 2021

Had the radio on for background noise, and it reminded me:

Sean Hannity may have his good points, but good LORD he can be a friggin' idiot.

Does he not understand that a military court martial is not the same thing as a civilian trial, or just not care?


Anonymous said...

I'd say he probably doesn't know because he never shuts up and listens to anyone. Good Lord, the man is unwatchable (I've never heard his radio show) because he will not let his guests speak without talking over them or interrupting them. Even when I agree with him (which I assume would be fairly often), I can't watch him. My experience anyways -- YMMV.

Patrick D said...

Yeah, Hannity can be an irritating moron.
No, I don't s'pose he has a clue how the UCMJ works.

bob said...

Never really liked, or trusted him, although I know he's a patriot, and agree with him most of the time, actually turn him off if the station comes on.

TRIB said...

Naw, Hannity has his head up Sen. Graham's ass. Just motor boating away.