Sunday, May 09, 2021

The politicians have allowed this to reach this point, and people are going to die because of it. (update)

It's a miracle there aren't piles of bodies yet, especially in Portland where they've worked so hard to create them.

Remember the Mayor?  Who announced a week ago that 'Something Has To Be Done' about antifa, because it's gotten so bad?*  Day or so later one of the commissars put out a video telling him they're very disappointed he's not being a proper little subject and threatening his life.  And being what he is, he allowed this.

That crap is more than bad enough.  And now, we have bloody PLANO, TEXAS.
Not enough?  Here's some more.

You're probably wondering how the hell this could happen there?  Well, as Insty notes, "Police Chief Walks With Protesters in Plano." last year.  Which means you can bet the asshole ordered the cops to do nothing about this, and they took the orders.

Wonder how much the Mayor had to do with this?  

Barring a miracle, BLM and antifa are going to, at some point, release a video of an execution.  It's probably their next step.  You think the Gropey/Kneepads administration will do a damn thing about it?  Not if they can help it.

And don't look for accurate information from our Major Media as most of them will be assisting the commies.

Update: the Texas AGs office is involved.  And the Chief of Police is a liar and a leftist asshole(as if we hadn't figured that out yet).

*No mention, of course, of the fact that this socialist asshole HELPED it get this bad.  Bringing that up would be upsetting to His Chickenshit.


Anonymous said...

I am armed at all times with a 45ACP handhun with spare mags and there is now a rifle (Marlin 1894CB Lever in .357 magnum) and 50 rounds of JFP in my truck at all times. I can have the rifle out, unlocked, locked and loaded in 1 minute. I stay out of stupid areas and away from stupid people doing stupid things.

From what I have read about the situation in Plano, if it comes to shooting, the cops will be included, since they seem to be siding with and assisting the enemy.

Stuart said...

They didn't "let it" get this bad - it's international. It's part of the plan, so to speak. Never let a crisis go to waste. If you don't have one handy, create one.

robert said...

Even after church today the men were standing around talking about how they can feel the pressure escalating in this country and wondering when the dam of restraint would break . Globo-home is pushing too far when they go after the good mans kids . It won't be much longer .

Justin_O_Guy said...

I'm gonna agree with Louis. Gadhaffi went to the U.N. and told them
If you take me out, Europe will be overrun.

Clowerd and Given told us
In order to destroy a civilization, overload the social safety nets.

Rather than use the warnings, in both cases the powers that be took it as an operating manual to achieve Their goals.