Monday, May 10, 2021

The Governor of OK signed a law banning 'critical race theory' from schools.

The 'anti-racist' activists are really pissed off and want him punished.

Because 'critical race theory' means teaching children that the most important thing about themselves isn't what they do, what they make of themselves, it's the melanin content of their skin.  Oh, and white people cause all ills in the world.  And if you don't let them do that, if you don't require it, you're a racist.

Because being 'anti-racist' means teaching kids to be the right kind of racist.


Bob said...

Conversely, the governor of Washington state just signed a bill requiring that CRT be taught in schools. We'll probably see more of this, designed to aggravate the Balkanization of the US that is already occurring, until we are all shooting at each other.

robert said...

This is how the states should exist . Move out of the shithole and into the free state . Git 'er done !