Monday, March 08, 2021

Scene from the range

One of the things that happens is people bringing in old/unused ammo and asking us to dispose of it.  Occasionally that includes something like this:
Once upon a time, Daisy decided to try making firearms and one of their ideas was a .22 with caseless ammo
Each box contained ten tubes,
each containing ten rounds consisting of a bullet with a short stick of propellant stuck to the back end.

As I recall, to cock it you worked a lever to compress a spring(like a pellet gun); when you fired the spring drove a piston that forced the air through a tiny aperture to compress and heat it, and that ignited the propellant.

It never caught on.  Neat idea, but the propellant could break loose from the bullet, and it could be pretty vulnerable to moisture.  As I recall this was years before H&K made a real effort to make a working, reliable caseless bullet(bunch of people still are).  Now, it's a curiosity, an idea tried that just didn't work out.


The Neon Madman said...

I have one that I bought off the shelf 40 years ago, along with 1000 rounds of ammo. There's a fair number of them around, not really all that valuable, but still an interesting item to have in the collection.

John in Philly said...

I remember that system and I also remember seeing an ad some years later were both the rifle and the ammunition were being let go for almost a give away price.

slow joe crow said...

This is a reworking of the Volcanic Firearms rocket ball. My recollection is Daisy dropped the product after the ATF declared it a firearm so that they could avoid the government boot.