Thursday, February 25, 2021

Why people hate the BATFEIEIO so badly

[The ATF] showed up in late August and said basically, “Hey, it’s a machine gun, we’ve deemed it a machine gun.” I said, “What? When did this happen?”

They’re like, “Well we just deemed it a machine gun.”

I was like, “Ok, well where is my paperwork?”

“We don’t have any paperwork.”

“What do you mean you don’t have any paperwork? Is there, like, a report?”

“There is a report, but you can’t have it.”

“Wait a minute, you’re telling me it’s a machine gun, and there’s a report, but I can’t have the report.”

“You would have to go to court in order to get this report.”

Etc.  Such a level of bullshit is amazing.

They're apparently counting on saying 'Ignorance of the law is no excuse', except when you make a POINT of not telling people about a 'law' you created out of thin air, that doesn't(damn well shouldn't) work.

Of course, considering what a crapshow an awful lot of courts are anymore, you can't count on it.

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Country Boy said...

Citizen: "What do you mean my Grandfather's single shot shotgun is a machine gun? That's not part of our deal?"

BATFE: "I am altering our deal, pray I do not alter it further."

Former Citizen, now subject: "Yes my Master."