Monday, September 28, 2020

Have one thing to say about cancer: (update)

Fuck it with a rusty, tetanus-laden chainsaw.
Friend is in surgery this morning.  Prognosis good, but fuck cancer anyway. 

Update: came through the surgery, they think they got it all.
I've lost people before, like so many others.  Hopefully he stays as one who got away.


Country Boy said...

Prayers for your friend, I hope they get it all. My wife went in for colon cancer surgery a little over 7 years ago. 3 months later they "took down" the colostomy, and she's been clear ever since. The oncologist did various tests, including a genomic test on the cancer, and said there was a 5.7% chance of it returning without chemotherapy. A round of chemo would reduce that to a 5.5% chance, and he didn't recommend it. She's 7 years clear. I pray your friend fares as well.

CT Ginger said...

My first wife died of breast cancer that spread to her bones, liver, lungs and then brain. She left me explicit instructions to have her body cremated. Cremation was her choice because she wanted to absolutely destroy the cancer that was killing her.

I did.

Papa said...

I'm starting Round 2 of cancer match.
Round 1 was 2013 - 14.
Got CAT scan and PET scan within last 2 weeks. Biopsy next and ASAP.
Glad to hear your friend is OK!

Anonymous said...

My best friend is fighting cancer, and it's a battle. In the first round of the battle, they had to remove a 1/4 of his face. Ugh. The cancer now has metastasized, so fuck cancer is right.I've a great bumper sticker he gave me, that echoes your sentiment:


Prayers for your friend.