Tuesday, July 28, 2020

I can't remember if I covered this before, and I'm too lazy to check, so:

Scene from the Range:
If it  has to do with personal-protection firearms and ammo*, we've been alternately short and out for the last couple of months.  Shotguns with 18-20" barrels, slugs and buckshot, EBRs and ammo, smaller and full-size handguns, various pistol ammo.

As in we've been out of buckshot(any gauge) for about two months, 12-gauge slugs for two weeks**,  so people who really need some kind of self/home-defense stuff get either turkey loads or the biggest birdshot we've got.  Past week been out of .223, had some 20-round boxes of 5.56('had' because if none came in the other day, it's gone by now).  No .380, .40 S&W, .38 Special.  Low on 9mm and .45, hollowpoints depend- again- on if a shipment came in that had a case or two with the other stuff.

Cleaning kits for 9/.38 and .223 and .30, out.  Hell, we've been out of Break Free for more than a month.

The beginners classes, and the CCW classes, fill up fast.  SO not only are people buying stuff, they're wanting training.

Barring something changing drastically, this is going to continue until the election.
If Trump wins.
If Biden gets in, or if the Evil Party manages to hold the House and maybe get the Senate, it won't slow down for a long time more.

*Long-barreled hunting shotguns and rifles we're not bad, and handguns more of target/hunting type the same.

**Only slugs left were 20-gauge for rifled barrels.


riverrider said...

oh crap, i got 2000 cadets coming back in a month....i wonder if col. b ordered the ammo yet. i never figured on break free running out.

Firehand said...

Be it noted that part of our Break Free problem is someone forgot to order more at the time, and now the situation is thoroughly screwed.

Of course, I haven't been to any other stores for a while, they may be just as out.

riverrider said...

nope, cursory search for breakfree gallons (we use gallons)shows short supplies to out-of-stock and high prices on what's left. i have to hit my boss up in the morning to get on it, if its not too late.